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Clean rooms

Walk-in Cold Room consist of pre insulated urethane panels shall be of pre-fabricated modular construction designed for fast and easy field assembly, relocation, and future enlargement by the addition of like modular panels. Panels shall consist of interior and exterior metal skins precisely formed with steel dies and roll-form equipment and thoroughly checked with gauges for accuracy. The metal skins shall be placed into heated molds and liquid urethane injected between them. Urethane shall be foamed-in-place and when completely heat-cured, shall bind tenaciously to the metal skins to form an insulated panel.

Floor Panel Construction

It shall be similar to that described in above Panel Construction section, but with a heavier gauge Sheet interior skin.

Door Panel Assembly Construction

and metal finish to be of same as other panels. Standard flush mounted pre-hung entrance door includes heavy Hinges, door latch with key lock, inside safety release, magnetic gasket. For freezer application, pressure relief port(s) will be provided.

Refregeration System

Refrigeration unit basically consist of a Compressor condensing unit and Evaporator. The Condensing units comes with the both air and water condensers. These condensers are characterized for best efficiency heat transfer where the ambient temperature is at a higher level. In the Water Cooled condensing unit the condensers are of Stainless Steel to prevent the scaling and in the Air Cooled condensing unit there are inner grooved copper tubes and slit fins for the superior heat transfer. The Evaporators are compact an sleek and these comes with inner grooved copper tubes for the best heat transfer and it includes Flame proof Motors and an additional feature that is Auto Defrost NBI supplies Compact cooling units depending on the application or the temperature need. This wide range includes different temperatures ranges of cooling units like * Medium temperature series(+2 to -10 deg c), * Low temperature series (-10 to -40 deg c) » Ultra low temperature series (-40 to -80 deg c) * Customized very ultra low temperature series (-80 to-110 degc) NBI’s cooling units are designed to consume 50% less power because of the latest cascading technology. SAVED POWER = MONEY EARNED

Micro Processor controllers and panels

The Walk in Cold Room comes with an intelligent Microprocessed controlled for the maintaining the accurate temperature for the process and it includes the data or communication to the P.C. The Power Panels comes with world class Electric Goods that includes all kind of Safety equipments to protect against common or major electric failures and interlocking features. The Power Panel box is duly Powder coated making it Weather proof.

Availabil smart options ( PLC ) ( VFD ) + auto mission

Many additional items are available to customize your walk-in to fit your needs * Metal Finishes-Smooth galvanized embossed white/ stainless steel * Modifications to size * Additional entrance door from the side * Reach-in service doors * Increase refrigeration (HD application) * Larger hinged or sliding doors * 18” x 18” viewing window in door * Exterior and interior ramps « Weather-proof light switch

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