Why Choose NewBangali for Modular Cold Rooms Manufacturing?

For multiple decades, New Bangali Ind. has been perceived as a progressive innovator in temperature-controlled capacity innovation for numerous different businesses where keeping materials at explicit temperatures is a basic undertaking. Since we are Cooling things …the right way since 1993, we have continually endeavored to give state of the art customized cold storage rooms and chambers. Organizations, establishments, and small businesses depends on New Bangali Cooling Solutions for their cool stockpiling needs in light of the fact that our virus rooms is working consistently to meet their needs.

Our cold rooms can be developed in any size space and in any shape. All our virus rooms are worked with 4 to 6 creeps of polyurethane froth protected boards. This guarantees a serious level of temperature consistency: +/ – .5°C or better all through the room. We utilize our Precision Fluid Temperature Control unit, using a mix of refrigerants and glycol/water heat trade advances. This implies the conditioner can be handily eliminated, supplanted, or moved, since it associates with simple to-utilize water connectors. We likewise utilize curiously large evaporator fan curls so you don’t need to thaw out your unit in case temperatures are raised to more than 4°C. Every single New Bangali Ind. room is worked to satisfy ICH and FDA guidelines, in addition to they are CSA (UL same)- affirmed for item security. 

We work with every one of our customers to address their issues from the plan stage right to conclusive alignment. For clients who needn’t bother with a bespoke virus room arrangement, our Program allows them to look over an assortment of pre-designed units. Those units will be conveyed inside fifteen work days of your request, ensured. We additionally perceive that a few customers needn’t bother with a totally new virus room, yet rather a move up to a current office. Perhaps your room no longer meets temperature consistency necessities, or was worked by a producer that has since gone ancient. Our designers can take your cool extra room and turn it into a current, economical space for a portion of the expense of buying another room. 

New Bangali Cooling Solutions – Built With You In Mind 

Once introduced, clients can be sure that their New Bangali Cooling Solutions will be not difficult to utilize, simple to fix, and simple on the financial plan. Our virus rooms come standard with simple to-utilize, non-exclusive Fuji Electric controls. We are glad to incorporate your new virus room into that framework. 

We gladly offer an industry-driving set-up of alternatives that add additional worth in the virus room establishment. While our rooms come standard with aluminum insides and aroused steel outsides, we can construct the virus room utilizing custom materials that match your structure’s tasteful. For those stressed over spreading transmittable infection, we can outfit your chamber with industry-selective antimicrobial entryway handles, offer extra room customization and much more.

At NewBangali, cold rooms are worked with smooth roofs, which will assist with keeping your room perfect and effective. Our rooms can be made ADA-open at no extra charge, and come standard with an inside crisis caution in case staff are harmed or caught inside a room. With our over-designed protection and utilization of LED inside lighting, our virus rooms typically require close to 1000 watts to work, saving you energy costs. 

After your virus room has been manufacturerd, our group of designers will give you full documentation including alignment structures and other discernible archives. 

Contact The Leader In Cold Room Manufacturing.

At the point when research offices, emergency clinics, and labs need a cool extra space in their office, they contact New Bangali Cooling Solutions. Since they realize they will consistently get a quality item upheld by an accomplished group of designers and care staff. Our virus rooms are made to give outrageous temperature consistency and interminable customization choices, all while offering significant degrees of energy efficiency. Talk to us today or request a statement, and see why NewBangali Cooling Solutions is India’s favourite Modular Cold room maker.

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