Cold Storage Room Construction

As per the varied requirements and demands of clients, NewBangali Cooling Solutions offers cold storage room constructionand large cold storages to food processing, hospitality, warehouses, food retail, dairy and ice cream industry, vegetable storage and fish processing industry, floriculture, pharmaceuticals and other segments.






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  • Compressor: Compressor is the heart of the cold storage plant and only power-consuming device or machine of the cold storage plant. The majority of power is consumed by the compressor. It raises the temperature and pressure of refrigerant (the working medium, Ammonia) vapour coming out from an evaporator. Due to high pressure, the refrigerant boiling point gets increased and thus it can be now easily condensed at condenser temperature.
  • Condenser: It is a heat exchanger device which exchanges the heat from vapour refrigerant and water being circulated. The condenser is not powered consuming device. It condenses (meaning ‘phase change’) the high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant to the high-pressure and high-temperature liquid. One can say, a condenser is a heat sink where heat is rejected. The efficiency of the plant is dependent on the effectiveness of heat transfer at the condenser.
  • Receiver: It receives the high-pressure liquid condensate from the condenser and collects it.
  • Expansion Valve: It reduces the pressure and temperature of refrigerant from receiver pressure and temperature to evaporator pressure and temperature. The throttling process makes pressure and temperature reduction. Due to friction, the throttling process occurs and pressure along with temperature decreases. This is the location where cooling is produced.
  • Evaporator: The heat exchanger where actual cooling takes place. It evaporates (vaporize) the low-pressure, low-temperature liquid refrigerant (with a low boiling point) by taking/utilizing heat from atmosphere/storage compartment to be cooled, thus heat content of fruits or vegetable decrease and it cool due to this cyclic process (Chilled air is produced due to convection current)
  • Blowers: It circulates chilled air in the refrigerated space to cool the fruits and vegetables by convection process.